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Performance-driven, environmentally and socially responsible investment since 1982.
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On The Issues:

Rooftop solar panel array with fields and mountains.

Climate Change

We believe there is an urgent imperative to reduce human-generated carbon dioxide emissions. As fossil-fuel free investors, we have a key role to play in this transition.

Young woman activist holding *Respect All Women* sign

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

We give greater investment consideration to those promoting the advancement of women, LGBTQ people, racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, the disabled, and other marginalized groups.

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Corporate Responsibility

When institutions practice transparency, leadership is accountable, and all stakeholders are honored, we believe opportunities for success are amplified and sustainable investment deserves a closer look.

How We Do It:

Deep environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment screens. Exclude bad corporate citizens and seek out good ones.
Flexibility to tailor your portfolio to your principles.
Investment impact through shareholder voting and engagement.
A rigorous, data-driven assessment of the financial risks and rewards of every sustainable investment we make.
A straightforward, competitive fee structure.
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Can Sustainable Investments Still Perform?

Companies and bond issuers who plan around issues like sustainability, climate impact, fairness to all stakeholders, and good stewardship are attentive to risk. These institutions typically articulate clear strategies for managing risk, while rewarding all stakeholders. Their vision can set up transformational goals.

This expansive view of corporate responsibility places the demands of investors alongside those of employees, community and the environment. We believe that in the long term, this approach is both fair and rewarding to all.  Much scholarship and data has been devoted to the relationship between investment returns and socially responsible mandates. The recent research corroborates our long-held belief: there is no sacrifice or trade-off in a sustainable investment approach.

Managing risk, articulating long-term strategies and executing them successfully are fundamental to any company that wants to succeed. In our view, these priorities confer a built-in advantage on socially responsible companiesone that compels our attention as ESG investors.

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