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Green Your Investments

With fossil-fuel free investing and 40+ years of portfolio management focused on environmental issues.
Find Out if Our Values Align with Yours

Many people we speak with assume green investing means environmental investments focused predominantly on renewable energy like wind and solar. Some massive, mainstream investment firms, on the other hand, seem to view environmentally responsible investing as a marketing opportunity, where rebranding can take priority over changes to traditional investment strategies.

At Prentiss Smith & Company, we strive for a more balanced approach to green investing. First, we immediately exclude investments in fossil fuels, agrochemicals, mining or plastic production. Beyond that, we believe our clients see the best results from portfolios that are diversified across many industries and asset classes. We also believe every industry has contributions to make to the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. As a result, we do the hard work to identify green investments across the economy.

As early adopters in the socially responsible investment movement of the early 1980s, we have built and refined our sustainable investment practice for over 40 years. Today, we combine in-house research with activist proxy voting and corporate engagement, to amplify the environmental impact of client investments. If our values like a fit, let’s talk.

Our Green Investment Values


We exclude investments with connections to the production, marketing, or distribution of fossil fuels. Instead, we seek companies with clear progress in carbon reduction and ambitious but realistic net zero targets.

Circular Economy

We look for green investments that promote a more circular economy through products made from recycled materials or promoting circular use. We also prioritize strong waste reduction commitments.

Land, Water and Wildlife

We give preference to companies with strong supply chain oversight and environmental policies. We also engage in direct dialogue to fight deforestation, promote water efficiency and sustainable agriculture.

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How We Approach Green Investing

We believe in doing the hard work of internal research to identify the most environmentally friendly investments, of individually analyzing and voting company proxies, and of activist communication with the companies we invest in to push for greater progress on environmental and social issues.

Integrated Environmental Investment Research

We weigh environmental factors against financial ones from the moment we begin to consider a new investment for our clients.

Positive Environmental Screening

We do not use funds to pursue investment categories. Instead, if we want to invest in an industry, we give strong preference to green investments whose progress, goals or products support environmental progress.

Corporate Engagement

We leverage our role as investment managers to engage in ongoing dialogues, pressing companies for better environmental disclosure and progress.

Exclusionary Screening

We exclude fossil fuels, agrochemicals, mining and plastic production. But we also go beyond simple screens. For example, we might rule out a lighting manufacturer if a large portion of their revenue is derived from fossil fuel companies.

Proxy Voting

We conduct in-depth, pre-vote research on all green investments we have made on behalf of clients. We vote in favor of climate targets and emissions disclosures, stronger policies on deforestation, waste and water, and other critical environmental issues.