Portfolio Management

Investment Strategy
At Prentiss Smith & Company, we develop an individual investment plan with each client based on the income needs, risk profile, tax situation, expectations for growth, and social objectives of the client.

Capital Preservation
Preservation of a client’s initial capital and subsequent profits has always been an integral part of our investment approach.  The foundation for steady progress is an avoidance of losses.  Patience and a disciplined use of our investment theory are the primary ingredients contributing to capital preservation and progress in our clients’ portfolios.

Fixed Income
When making fixed income investments we have to consider many variables that impact inflation and interest rates.  Our objective is to produce a return for clients that exceeds inflation on an after tax basis.  We have employed a number of strategies, including inflation indexed treasury bonds, laddered maturities of government agency notes, and high grade municipal bonds, to achieve this goal.  There are times when we hold substantial portions of accounts in cash or short-term paper awaiting a change in interest rates.

Capital Growth
Our performance record is the result of thorough research and the disciplined use of our stock evaluation system.  Our proprietary software gives us the ability to continually track hundreds of companies, identifying those that warrant further in-depth research.  We are able to make investments in a timely manner because of this intensive in-house research effort.